Bitcoin forecast: Guide On What You can You Look Our For in 2022

Bitcoin predictions are a complex art, on which both analysts from the world of cryptocurrencies and those who deal with traditional economics are challenged. check out Bitcoin Mining Hashrate for more updates.

We could not miss the appointment and this in-depth analysis proposes short, medium and long-term forecasts, with attached target prices and everything that can be useful for positioning on the Bitcoin market .

Bitcoin forecast - What You can You Look Our For in 2022

We will deal with technical analysis and also fundamental analysis, today essential tools for those who want to try to understand how Bitcoin could move, together with other cryptocurrencies related to its performance. Tools used by the professionals of our editorial staff, to have a clearer reading of the future of BTC.

We will also choose the best exchanges to buy Bitcoin, selecting them only among those that offer maximum security, with low commissions and with the useful tools to start operating on this market.

For those who want to focus on the short term – or have more tools available – we will also select the best brokers that offer BTC , also here with a selection that will only concern the top players in the sector.


Bitcoin forecast July 2022: technical and fundamental analysis

The second half of 2022 opens in the worst way for Bitcoin, which reaches price thresholds below $ 20,000, which few would have imagined even a few weeks ago. Responsible for this situation is a strong deleveraging that has affected various operators in the sector, triggered by the crack of Terra Luna and with consequences still to be evaluated.

  • In search of the bottom

After the black June for exchanges and crypto, Bitcoin is still hunting for a bottom, or a price bottom from which to try to start again. The situation is still quite tense, with the Fed ‘s next moves likely to set the pace for the recovery.

  • Macro conditions will have a major effect

The general conditions of the economy will also have an important impact on Bitcoin, which is now material for finance in all respects. The great demon, the bugbear that everyone is waving is inflation . Not bad for BTC , why is it an anti-inflation financial asset? It’s not for sure.

BTC’s responses to this have been very uncertain lately – with behavior that is more often than not tied to the world of equities.

The correlation with the world of equities was strong, particularly in conjunction with a hawkish attitude on the part of the FED. The geopolitical situation is not the clearest.

  • The Whales continue to accumulate

The long oscillation, like a pendulum, has allowed the so-called whales , or accounts that have large quantities of Bitcoin in their portfolio, to accumulate even more coins and therefore even more power.

Could the accumulation, with the return above this channel, finally be over? We’ll see. For the moment, however, the whales continue to buy. According to some statistics, almost 100,000 Bitcoins have been accumulated at this stage.

1-day Bitcoin technical indicators

Moving averages are a very useful tool, but they still need to be compared with what we have ahead of us in terms of technical indicators. Here in this section, we will report those to 1 week, always with the possibility of intervening on shorter horizons by intervening with a platform that allows this type of analysis. We can do it for example with (here for an unlimited and free demo account) , which offers this type of tool both on the proprietary platform, as well as on MetaTrader and TradingView.

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